Gujarat: Colleagues of Patidar movement told Hardik Patel’s decision to be wrong. Patidar agitation leaders: Hardik Patel took wrong decision Patrika News


Hardik’s partner Dinesh Bambhaniya, who played an important role in laying the foundation of the movement, said that Hardik’s decision is wrong. The grounds for leaving the Congress after the atrocities have been reported do not seem justified. Even if they get the post, they will not get the respect they ever got from the society. Hardik has made a pact with himself.

Reshma Patel, who was a participant during this movement and joined NCP, told that Hardik has taken this decision without thinking. At the same time, he has made the wrong decision of his political career. Congress also gave him position and prestige. But it is not right to leave this ideology. If he had to resign from Congress, he should have given it immediately, why took so long.

Lalji Patel of Sardar Patel Group (SPG), who was a part of the Patidar movement, has also said that Hardik will have to take the next step carefully. If he joins BJP, he will have to face the wrath of Patidar society.

According to him, Hardik later became a leader in the Patidar reservation movement that started from Mehsana and talking about bringing the society on one platform on behalf of Hardik Patel to protest and bow down the government. After this, Hardik, who came to Congress politics, has now resigned. Sardar Patel Group (SPG) is not associated with any political party.

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