Hair of this lady comes till feet, haircut not done for three decades


New Delhi: If a lady has such big hair that if she comes to the heels of her feet, then everyone will see this lady in surprise. He will also try to know the secret that what is the secret of such long hair in the end.

Hair is 1.95 meters long

According to the news of the Daily Star, 36-year-old Influencr Alona Kravchenko from Ukraine has a hair of 1.95 meters which touches the floor. Alona has not cut her hair for three decades. Just on some special occasions, she trims the hair a little.

Uploaded photos on social media

Alona has recently shared a video on Instagram and Tiktok, which shows how she has to brush her hair with the help of one of her assistants. Alona captioned the video, “Crown and earrings, my art. This is the magic of hair.”

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How to groom hair told in the video

It is shown in this video that hairstylist Elena Stekolshchikova is grabbing the hair from the middle and grooming the hair from the brush till the bottom.

Increasing popularity due to hair

Alona’s popularity has been increasing in recent months thanks to her unique style and hair. In February this year, he had 51,600 followers on Instagram and now it has increased to 87,700. Her photo has got thousands of likes and views, in which her hairbrushing video has been viewed more than 42 thousand times.

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