Have a habit of drying clothes in the balcony? Change it immediately, otherwise the fine will have to be paid here


Dubai: Hanging clothes in the balcony is a compulsion for some people and a habit of some. But now those who do this in Dubai will have to pay a heavy fine. The Dubai administration has made some new rules to keep the city clean. It has been said by the Dubai Municipality that people should not dry clothes in their balcony or on the window, nor keep bird feeders in the balcony. If anyone is found doing so, action will be taken against him.

Cigarette drinkers also beware

The Municipality of Dubai has also warned those smoking cigarettes while standing in the balcony. If someone smokes a cigarette in the balcony and his ashes fall down, he will also have to pay a fine. The municipality says that such steps are being taken to keep the city clean and beautiful. The administration has urged people not to misuse the balcony of their apartment.

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Under no circumstances should the balcony look ugly

The Municipality of Dubai has given information about the new guidelines on its social media handle. In which it has been said that people should not do such work which will make their balcony look ugly and they have to face action. In one of its tweets, the municipality wrote, ‘Dubai Municipality urges all UAE residents to refrain from disturbing the beauty and civilized nature of the city in order to increase the community’s awareness of environmental requirements and standards.

banned from doing so

The Dubai Municipality in its tweet has also given information about the misuse of the balcony, for which the person concerned can be fined. This includes drying clothes in the balcony or on the windowsill, dropping the leftover cigarette or cigarette ashes from the balcony, throwing the garbage down the balcony, falling under the water or dripping under the AC water while washing the balcony, feeding the birds. , installing satellite dish or any kind of antenna in the balcony.

If you break the rules then you have to pay so fine

The municipality has made it clear that fines will also be imposed on those who violate the rules. The culprits may have to pay from 500 to 1,500 dirhams. Talking about the Indian currency, those who break the rules will have to pay a fine ranging from 10 thousand to 30 thousand rupees. It is worth noting that in the year 2018, the Gulf country Kuwait had also made a similar rule for its citizens. Similarly, the southern state of Bahrain imposed such a ban after some residents complained that balcony drying of underwear etc. was provocative, insulting and shameful.

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