Horrible tornadoes are raging along the river, pictures are rising in Assam, disaster forecast!

ভয়াবহ টর্নোডোর এই ছবি ধরা পড়েছে। (সংগৃহীত)

A dust storm is rising on the river bank. And seeing this horrible picture in front of my eyes, there is a great panic in Assam. On Saturday, there was a commotion on social media surrounding this terrible storm. The meteorological department has forecast moderate to heavy rains in the northeastern states in the next few days.

The deputy director general of the Guwahati Regional Meteorological Center told the media that a relatively strong tornado had hit the Barpeta Chenga area of ​​Assam. But it is not a cyclone.

Meanwhile, sources said that the tornado that was seen in Barpeta was formed from the bank of a river. However, there are no reports of casualties.

Meanwhile, pictures of that terrible tornado are circulating on social media. Although the storm came in a short span of time, many people were shocked to see its whirlwind form. Meanwhile, according to the Meteorological Department, a strong tornado could uproot trees. A tornado has so much power. Large constructions can also break down. Even large items can be picked up and thrown away. This type of tornado can also occur on land. This can be accompanied by thunderstorms. However, the meteorological department has forecast that there could be thunderstorms in the next five days in the northeastern states. Arunachal, Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura are likely to receive thundershowers.


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