How do women change their address on the voter list after marriage? This must be done!

আগামিকাল (সোমবার) থেকে উত্তরপ্রদেশে শুরু হচ্ছে সংক্ষিপ্ত পুনর্বিবেচনা কর্মসূচি। (ছবিটি প্রতীকী, সৌজন্য পিটিআই)

A brief review program is starting in Uttar Pradesh from tomorrow (Monday). Women who have changed their address after marriage are being given the opportunity to change it easily. This was reported in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, on Saturday.

In many cases, women move to the in-laws’ house after marriage. As a result, they have to go to their father’s house again during the voting. The distance between father’s house and father-in-law’s house is much longer. In that case many do not even go to vote. Simple rules have been introduced in those situations. District officials said that if the husband writes in the name correction form that the woman is his wife, the woman’s address will be changed. That is, the address of the husband will be associated with the name of the woman. After those amendments, the final voter list in Lucknow will be released on January 5, district officials said.

Four-day special campaign

The special review program will run for four days. The first special program will be held on November 8. Then on November 13, 21 and 26 that campaign will continue. People will be able to correct the information in the voter list by going to their polling station on the day of special campaign.

What is the total number of voters in Lucknow?

According to the Hindustan Times group’s Live Hindustan, the total number of voters in Lucknow is currently 36,31,179. Male 19,94,484. The number of female voters is 18,37,508. There are 198 third gender voters. The number of voters between the ages of 18 and 19 is 23,400.

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