How much development happened in J&K? 70 ministers will visit to know the ground reality

J&K में कितना हुआ विकास? जमीनी हकीकत जानने 70 मंत्री करेंगे दौरा

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir (Jammu and KashmirA group of Union Ministers is going to visit there to know the heart of the people. After returning, these ministers will submit their reports to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). This will be the second visit of the ministers of the central government after the change in Article 370 of the Constitution. Between 18-24 January last year also 36 Union Ministers had visited Jammu and Kashmir.

Tour will start from September 10

These tours will start from September 10. During this, apart from meeting the public, the ministers will also meet the administration and people of Panchayati Raj Institutions. There are a total of 78 ministers in the Union Council of Ministers, and out of them 70 are being talked about participating in this program. Every week 8 ministers will visit Jammu and Kashmir. That is, 4 ministers will visit Jammu, and the other 4 will go to Kashmir. Senior Union ministers will also be a part of it. According to the information, whatever ministry the minister has, he will note down the things related to his ministry and after returning will submit his report to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). We talked to the public about this tour and got to know their mind.

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‘To hoist the tricolor is a big achievement’

Gagan Pratap Singh, general secretary of Panthers Party, said, “There is a lot of anger against the BJP. The party is only doing repair work. People are worried about unemployment, inflation, all issues. Instead of people, mafia, mining, liquor, education mafia are flourishing. Existence has completely vanished. At the same time, Ashok Gupta, President of Dogra Front said, ‘GI tagging on saffron is the biggest achievement of BJP. Now the saffron of Iran is behind. At the same time, after the start of 4 lane highway, they reach Katra from Delhi in just 6 hours. No one had even thought of this before. Where no university has even been opened, today IIT-IIMs are opening in Ladakh-Kashmir. The government has ended militancy. Getting Janmashtami and hoisting the tricolor is a big achievement.

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People got no relief: Congress

Jammu and Kashmir Congress Vice President Raman Bhalla said, ‘BJP has understood that a historical blunder has happened. That’s why visits are being made to mislead people. There have been visits before. 3-3 are ministers. Do they not know about Jammu and Kashmir? The distance between the heart and Delhi will be erased only if the princely status is restored. No fruitful result has come out till date. Looks great on TV, but the ground is far from reality. Sometimes 36 sometimes 70, people have not got any relief.

‘This is a step forward like development’

On the other hand, Jammu and Kashmir BJP leader Yudhveer Singh says that what was the dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to reduce the distance between Delhi and Kashmir, the same is being done by these ministers. These are sirhaniya works and we welcome it. This is a step towards development. We welcome them all.

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