‘I will kill the patient with wrong injection’, I was taken to Uluberia Hospital under the threat of a nurse

'ভুল ইঞ্জেকশন দিয়ে রোগীকে মেরে দেব', নার্সের শাসানিতে উলুবেড়িয়া হাসপাতালে তুলকালাম

Own report: Oxygen is almost exhausted. The family members were scared when they saw the patient’s condition getting worse. Run to the doctors and nurses. Petition to arrange oxygen. And on hearing this plea, the nurse on duty became incensed. Allegedly, he threatened to kill the patient with the wrong injection. From then on, I took the whole incident to Uluberia Super Specialty Hospital. Later the police came and handled the situation.

Sheikh Sabina Khatun was admitted to Uluberia Super Specialty Hospital on Tuesday afternoon in critical condition after consuming acid. He is a resident of Khalisani area of ​​Rajapur police station. The doctors saw the patient’s condition was bad and admitted him. The treatment begins. After a while his oxygen almost reached the last stage. At that time the patient’s condition started getting worse. The patient’s family members went to call the nurses and doctors realizing the situation was strange. Petition for oxygen. Allegedly, the nurse on duty did not listen to their plea. In this situation, when the family members started shouting, he threatened them in return. The nurse complained that if she was disturbed, she would kill the patient with the wrong injection.

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After hearing the threat in the face of the nurse, the relatives of the patient became more angry. Tulkalam was practically tied up in the hospital. Realizing that the situation was not right, the hospital authorities informed the police. Police came to the spot and handled the situation. As the condition worsened, the hospital authorities rushed the patient to another place. Sudiptaranjan Karar, superintendent of Uluberia Super Specialty Hospital, said that the nurse’s statement was not credible. However, if the patient’s family complains, the incident will be investigated. If found guilty, appropriate action will be taken.

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