ICC Women’s World Cup, INDWvsRSAW: How did Mithali Raj set a double world record? Read on to find out

ICC Women's World Cup, INDWvsRSAW : কীভাবে জোড়া বিশ্বরেকর্ড গড়লেন Mithali Raj? জানতে পড়ুন

Own report: Mithali Raj also set a double world record for her half-century in the ICC Women’s World Cup match against South Africa (INDWvsRSAW). At the same time, she rose to number two on the list of all-time greats in women’s cricket.

First, Mitali holds the record for most half-centuries in the history of the Women’s ODI World Cup. In this respect, he surpassed New Zealand’s Debbie Hawkley. With this, India captain Mitali scored half a century 11 times on the stage of the World Cup. Hawkley hit a half-century 10 times.

Second, Mitali was named in the list of batsmen who have scored the most half-centuries in the World Cup, including hundreds and half-centuries. He also leaves Hawkley behind in this list. Hawkley scored two centuries and 10 half-centuries on the World Cup stage. Mitali scored two hundreds and 11 half-centuries in the girls’ ODI World Cup.

Mitali also topped the list of highest-scoring cricketers in the history of the Women’s ODI World Cup, surpassing England’s Janet Britannia. Britain has scored a total of 1299 runs in the World Cup. Mitali overtook the former British batsman with a half-century against South Africa. For now, Mitali has scored 1321 runs in the World Cup.

Mitali Raj scored 6 off 64 balls in the last league match of the current World Cup against South Africa. His innings was sorted by eight fours.

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