‘If a terrorist enters someone’s house, wait for two days…’, Ghulam Nabi told the ‘snake-ladder’ connection of the militancy

'If a terrorist enters someone's house, wait for two days...', Ghulam Nabi told the 'snake-ladder' connection of the militancy


  • Former CM praises army’s work in Jammu and Kashmir
  • Gulab Nabi said – expressed grief over the death of common people in the valley
  • Congress told why the disease of terrorism is increasing in the valley

Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad has expressed concern over the casualties in the army operation in the Valley. Praising the army’s operation in Jammu and Kashmir, the former CM also gave him advice. The Congress leader said during a program that sometimes civilian killings or non-militant killings during military operations lead to a snake-ladder situation.

The killing of ordinary people increases the militancy
The Congress leader said that we used to play snakes and ladders in childhood. The man would reach up, there was a snake’s mouth, the man would reach down again. After that it used to reach the top again. Ghulam Nabi said that more militancy increases due to the killing of common people in military operations. The former CM said that I have always appreciated the operation of the army, especially in the areas of Poonch and Rajouri. He said that there was a very good coordination of our soldiers here.

Security forces should avoid haste
Ghulam Nabi Azad further said that the security forces have always done a good job. In this their lives have also been lost. Thousands of soldiers have been killed. The Congress leader said that the army should avoid such incidents. They should not be in a hurry. If a Militant runs away somewhere, it is not necessary that he has to be killed now. He said that in my time, I used to say, if a terrorist ran into a house, then when would he run away, in a rare case it happens that the Militant takes shelter in someone’s house or the family members have nexus with him.

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enter the one whose house is open
The former CM said that in general, I have seen that while running away, the militants enter the house whose house is open. The family does not even know who it is. Security forces go and blow up the house itself. Desolation along with family members. In such a situation, the people of the surrounding area feel that they have done wrong. The army should avoid this.

If you enter the house, lay siege, it will come out in two days.
He said that if a Militant enters someone’s house, wait for two days, lay siege from all sides, then brother, he will come out in two days. No doctor has told that to kill on the same day. You can kill him even after two days. In this way the rest will not be harmed.

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