If Covishield is effective in Britain, it is useless in India?

कोविशील्ड ब्रिटेन में लगे तो असरदार, भारत में बेकार?

New Delhi: The British left India in the year 1947, but the thought of considering India as a slave did not go away even in the year 2021. India is the world’s largest producer and exporter of vaccines, medicines and medical equipment, but Britain’s new visa rules show that it still considers India as its slave.

UK new visa rules

Britain has announced new visa rules for foreign tourists. According to the new rules, only people vaccinated under the vaccine program of Europe, Britain or America will be exempted from quarantine. Such people are free to roam outside by getting the corona done an instant flow test at the airport. That is, if a person has got the vaccine of Oxford-AstraZeneca, Pfizer-Moderna or Johnson & Johnson in Europe, Britain or America, then he can freely roam anywhere in Britain after getting a negative result. But if a person has not got any of these vaccines in any country other than these countries. That person will not be considered vaccinated. People coming from such countries will have to undergo RT-PCR test 48 hours before coming to the UK, whose result should be negative.

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On coming to Britain, there will be a quarantine for 10 days. After that, the RT-PCR test will have to be done again, only after it comes negative, one will be allowed to exit. These new rules will come into effect from October 4.

Why the partiality with India?

This means that a person who has gone to Britain after getting the Kovishield vaccine from India will also be considered unvaccinated. Whereas this vaccine has been developed jointly by the UK company AstraZeneca and the UK’s OxFord University. Covxin is not named here because this vaccine has not yet been approved by WHO.

Oxford-Asterazeneca is the only vaccine, which has been approved by the World Health Organization. This vaccine is made by the Serum Institute in India. This vaccine has also been approved by 16 countries of Europe, but according to Britain, its Oxford-Asterazeneca vaccine is better than India’s Oxford-Asterazeneca.

Questions are also being raised on these new visa rules of Britain because the UK government itself has signed a 100 million vaccine dose agreement with the Serum Institute and a UK government health body has visited the Serum Institute of India. was announced

. An interesting thing about this whole matter is that Britain itself donated millions of doses of AstraZeneca to many countries in Africa. But if someone goes to Britain after getting the same vaccine in Africa, now Britain will not consider that person vaccinated too.

These rules of Britain have also been described by the Ministry of External Affairs of India as discriminatory. After India’s opposition, Britain has clarified that it is considering recognizing India’s vaccine program.

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