If you are going to drive on the mountains, keep these things in mind

पहाड़ों पर ड्राइविंग करने जा रहे हैं तो इन बातों का रखें खास ध्यान

Let us know what precautions you have to take while driving on mountains.


Published: 02 Jul 2018, 04:28 PM IST

In the summer season, people leave the city and move like mountains, if you are also planning to roam in the mountains, then you will also have to drive on the mountains and for this you will have to make some special preparations because driving on mountains is more than flat. It’s difficult. Let us know what precautions you have to take while driving on mountains.

1. First of all get the car fully checked. Engine and tires must be in perfect condition. Not only this, especially getting the brakes checked by a specialist would be right. If you drive towards the mountains with worn out tyres, you will end up with suspension issues.

Try not to drive at night when traveling in hilly areas. Drive during the day which will be safe and worry-free.
3. Never put the gear in neutral. To save fuel, keep the engine off or else it can be dangerous.
4. Do not drive rashly like in cities. On hilly roads, pass oncoming vehicles and drive carefully.
5. There are unseen turns in the mountains. If this happens, blow the horn before turning and keep your window panes slightly open so that you can hear the horn of others.
6. Do not attempt to overtake in any case on hilly curves. This can be fatal.
7. It would be better if you avoid music for a while while driving in the mountains. Due to this, you will not be able to hear the sound of other vehicles and accidents can happen.
8. Do not seat more people than necessary, otherwise it will be difficult for your vehicle as well as there will be extra pressure on the steering which can prove to be dangerous on sharp turns.
9. If it rains, snowfall or landslide occurs on the way, then stop the vehicle at an open and safe place on the road and wait for the right time. In this case, do not drive the car at all.

11. Do not look at the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. This breaks the concentration.
12. Make sure to use the hand-brake while parking the car on the hills.

13. Always park the vehicle in first gear.
14. Use lower gears by reducing brake use while driving on hill slopes. Excessive use of brakes can cause brake-fail.

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