IIT BHU alumnus created app on data privacy, users will be able to stop third parties using data

IIT BHU alumnus created app on data privacy, users will be able to stop third parties using data
Abhishek Kumar Jha, Varanasi
Cyber ​​security is a major challenge in the digital world. In the rapidly changing technology, cybercriminals are constantly trying to break into your mobile data. Your personal data, documents, photos, videos, location in mobile remains the target of cyber criminals.

An alumnus of BHU IIT (IIT BHU) and now a youth of Kashi working on cyber security has developed such an app. With which you will be able to keep your private photos and videos safe along with all your documents. Now by hacking your mobile, if someone wants to operate the camera or micro phone of the mobile without your knowledge, then you will know immediately.

You will be able to keep track of your data usage along with your location
Mrityunjay Singh, a BHU IIT alumnus who created the app, told NBT Online that many apps are used in mobile nowadays. In their term and condition permission is sought to access location and data, but third party apps can monitor all your data and break into your mobile. Many such cases have come to the fore. Through this app, if any third party app tries to trace photo-video or your location from your mobile data, then alert message comes with a vibration and you will be alerted and immediately ask that app to trace data usage or location. can stop.

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Alert will be received as soon as the camera phone or microphone is activated
Nowadays hackers also control mobile camera or micro phone by hacking your mobile number. Ethical hacker and cyber expert Mrityunjay Singh told that through the checkmyprivacy (Check My Privacy) app, if the hacker wants to spy using a mobile camera or microphone without your knowledge, then you can block him through this feature, because the camera or Alert message will come as soon as a hacker uses the microphone and automatically that third party user will be blocked.

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