Illegal control of non-Indian members in educational institutions closed for four years in the state

राज्य में चार साल से बंद शैक्षणिक संस्थान में गैर-भारतीय सदस्यों का अवैध नियन्त्रण

Jai Radha Raman Education Society license is not being canceled despite the rules not being followed

Lucknow. Uttar Pradesh-based NGO Jan Vikas Mahasabha told a press conference held at the Press Club here today that they have received several documents which show that an educational institution in Greater Noida is being run by foreign nationals and The institute has been closed since 2018 but still it is occupying the premises which is in violation of the lease agreement. Regarding this matter, the Jan Vikas Mahasabha has also sought detailed information from the Noida Authority under the Right to Information.

Pankaj Kumar Tiwari said that this educational society has 42 acres of land in its possession at prime location in Greater Noida, where earlier an institution recognized by Abdul Kalam Technical University was run. The recognition of this institute was canceled in 2018 after which it had to be closed and all its students were forced to take admission in other colleges. Jan Vikas Mahasabha (JVM) President Pankaj Kumar Tiwari said that this land is for public use. 10 colleges can be opened in this campus. But this land was lying vacant while there is a dire need of new educational infrastructure in the state. There is a clear rule which empowers the Noida Authority to take back the land under lease and also no action has been taken so far despite every rule being violated. We don’t know why this is so, he said.

JVM has asked seven questions to the officials under RTI

Is it true that about 42 acres of land has been allotted to a society named JRRES in Greater Noida in 2006?
Is it a fact that this society is inactive and AKTU. Recognition has been withdrawn from the college in 2018 by?
Is it true that this college is closed since then and no one has filed any petition for its operation?
Is it true that this society is being run by citizens of foreign origin?
Is it true that the education policy of the country/state does not allow foreigners to run educational institutions?
Is it true that due to non-compliance of rules by this college, AKTU. Has it withdrawn its recognition?
Is it true that the lease deed clearly states that if the purpose of the allotted land is not served then the authority can cancel the license and take back the land along with the assets?

Pankaj Kumar Tiwari has said that it is absolutely clear that there was some resistance on the part of the authorities to the cancellation of the lease contract of JRRES, otherwise it would have been done by now. If the fact that the institution is closed is insufficient for cancellation of the lease, then the lease must be canceled at least on the basis of the fact that the foreign national has become the operator of an educational institution in the heart of the country. But it is clear that there is something that is not happening right.

JVM says that the inaction of the Noida Authority is causing so much damage to the educational infrastructure capacity of the state which is not possible to calculate. Due to their inaction, lakhs of youth of Uttar Pradesh are deprived of technical education and employment, this is a big blow on the prospects of youth power of the state and it is not possible to compensate for this loss. Pankaj Kumar Tiwari said that through this press conference, we want to make the public and the government aware of the situation. We hope that by taking immediate steps, this land will be freed and handed over to such a capable and competent institution which can successfully run the college.

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