In Barisal, the Bailey Bridge collapsed with a truck laden with stones

বরিশালে পাথর বোঝাই ট্রাক সমেত হুড়মুড়িয়ে ভেঙে পড়ল বেইলি ব্রিজ: ছবি

In Barisal, the Bailey Bridge collapsed with a truck loaded with stones. However, no casualties were reported in the incident. However, the common people are in extreme distress due to the stoppage of travel.

The accident took place in Barisal, Bangladesh around 6.30 am on Wednesday. The canal flows in front of Madhabpasha Union Parishad of Babuganj upazila. The 60-meter-long Bailey Bridge was built over this canal. On that day, when a truck carrying stones passed over it, the whole bridge collapsed. Due to the incident, the road communication system from Barisal to Banaripara has been cut off. Traffic on Barisal, Banaripara and Nesharabad roads was also disrupted due to the collapse of the bridge. Hundreds of vehicles got stuck on the road. Extreme misery is inflicted on the commuters.

In this regard, Babuganj Upazila Executive Officer Mohammad Aminul Islam said, “The Roads and Highways Department has been contacted to repair the collapsed bridge.” On the other hand, Masud Mehmud, executive officer of Barisal Roads and Highways Department, said, “As soon as the news of the accident was received, the site was inspected. Efforts are being made to repair the damaged bridge and normalize traffic.

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