In the division, drug dealers were hit by the police of 15 crores. Police hit 15 crores to drug dealers in the division | Patrika News


Reva. This year the police have inflicted crores on the businessmen doing drug business in the division. A continuous campaign was launched against drugs, due to which not only the goods of many big drug dealers were caught, but the police put them behind the bars. This year, the police have caught a huge consignment of drugs coming to the Vindhya region for consumption, which has broken the back of the traders.

Police launched a campaign against drugs
In Rewa, Satna, Sidhi and Singrauli districts of the division, the police have launched a massive campaign against drugs. Police have taken action against drug dealers. This year, police registered 65 cases of ganja and 163 intoxicants in Rewa district, 71 cases of ganja and 22 intoxic syrups in Satna, 43 cases of ganja and narcotic syrup 49 in Sidhi, 153 ganja and 24 intoxic syrups in Singrauli. have been done. From January to November, the police have taken action against these traders, in which 125 of ganja and 294 of narcotic syrup in Rewa, 112 of narcotic syrup in Satna and 32 of narcotic syrup, 69 of ganja in Sidhi and 72 of narcotic syrup, 170 of ganja in Singrauli. 40 accused of drug syrup have been arrested. The police have recovered goods worth crores from them.

Goods worth crores recovered
In Rewa district, goods worth Rs 4.97 crore of ganja and intoxicating syrup, Rs 3.33 crore in Satna, Rs 1.40 crore in Sidhi and Rs 52 lakh in Singrauli have been recovered. The accused had brought such a large quantity of drugs to be consumed in all the four districts of Rewa division. In the four districts of the division, the drug dealers have taken their roots deep. In such a situation, the police are now continuously taking action against them and hurting the co-workers.

Where was the intoxication caught?
In four districts of the division, a large quantity of intoxicants has been caught. These include 44.25 quintals of hemp and 59235 vials of syrup and 23126 capsules in Rewa district, 20.99 quintals of hemp in Satna, 11131 vials of intoxicating syrup, 13.82 quintals of hemp in Sidhi, 107 green trees and 370 vials of syrup, 2.98 quintals of hemp in Singrauli, 147.5 grams of smack and 2774 vials. The intoxicating syrup has been recovered. Large containers of ganja and ganja have been caught in Rewa and Satna.

Drug business flourishes from other provinces
In Rewa division, black drug business is being operated from other provinces. The largest consignment of ganja comes from Orissa. The consignment of ganja is brought by the accused from Orissa to Chhattisgarh, Rewa via Shahdol, Rewa from Orissa via Nagpur, Seoni, Jabalpur. Now smugglers have opened a new route to bring Rewa from Orissa via Mirzapur and Prayagraj in UP. On the other hand, intoxicant syrup is supplied in the entire division from UP, where this syrup is easily available, whose consignments are supplied by smugglers to other districts including Rewa.

Vehicles worth more than five crores recovered
In the drug trade, smugglers have used luxury vehicles. Containers have been caught in Bichiya, Amhiya and Mauganj police stations of Rewa district. At the same time, many trucks have been confiscated by the police in Satna as well. Apart from this, smugglers use luxury vehicles to smuggle ganja and intoxicating syrup, which have been confiscated by the police. More than one hundred vehicles have been seized whose value is more than five crores. All the vehicles seized under the NDPS Act are still parked in the police stations.

Intoxication makes us weak due to mental condition, half a hundred patients reach every hospital
The intoxication of ganja and intoxicating syrup is making the youth mentally weak. A person trapped in the addiction of ganja and intoxicant syrup becomes mentally deranged. Every month, half a hundred patients are reaching Sanjay Gandhi Hospital, who have now reached the state of madness due to this intoxication. Most of all it is ruining the young generation whom it is making physically weak. At the same time, they are becoming criminals by carrying out incidents like theft and robbery to fulfill the drugs.

Campaign against drug addiction will continue in the district
Police’s campaign against drug addiction will continue. Strict action will be taken against those doing illegal business of ganja, narcotic syrup and liquor. The police is also identifying the suppliers. Along with this, the district is also keeping an eye on those who buy drugs in large quantities. Helpline numbers have been issued to inform about drug dealing, in which people can give information without fear.
KP Venkateswara Rao, ADG Rewa

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