Incidentally: Why is the government punishing the public for awareness?

प्रसंगवश : जनता को सजगता की सजा क्यों दे रही है सरकार

– It is better that the government should return the amount to those who have taken the lease earlier, from whom more fee has been charged

The Rajasthan government’s campaign with the villages and cities was seen to be lagging behind in the initial phase itself, so the government opened the box of concessions. Due to not getting the expected results in the initial phase, the government had to announce many relaxations and facilities in a panic. In a campaign with the administration cities, the Gehlot government took a big decision to give up to 75 percent discount in premium rates for non-agriculture land up to 300 square meters. The effect of this decision was that earlier, more than 3 lakh rupees had to be paid for taking a lease of 300 square meter plot. After giving relief from the government, now the plot holder will have to pay only 60 thousand rupees.

The state government has not only reduced the rate of taking lease, but also reduced four charges including internal development work, site plan to zero. Those who took pattas at the beginning of the campaign, there is a lot of displeasure with this decision of the government. Such people even go so far as to say that alertness and haste outweighed it. There was a loss of lakhs of rupees. If he had stayed for a month, it would have been a great advantage. More than 50 thousand leases have been issued in the bodies, UITs and development authorities across the state. Most of the people to whom pattas have been issued so far have taken pattas by spending lakhs of rupees. Now if their neighbors take a lease, they will get a lease of up to 300 square meters within one lakh rupees. It may also happen that people paying more fees in the same campaign try to take recourse to legal provisions for legal action.

The state government should also have thought before taking the decision that those who have taken lease at old and higher rates, how to give benefit to them or how to compensate for their loss? There is still time that the state government should consider sympathetically for those who pay more fees and recharge the excess amount collected from them. Otherwise, whenever any campaign is going on in future, people will not take any initiative at the beginning of the campaign and will take their decision at the last moment by sensing the situation, which will affect the success of the campaign along with chaos. (No.)

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