India Afghanistan News: Afghanistan’s doors are always open for India… Taliban leader Anas Haqqani praised a lot

India Afghanistan News: Afghanistan's doors are always open for India... Taliban leader Anas Haqqani praised a lot
Kabul: After the occupation of Afghanistan (India Taliban News) the Taliban have now started feeling the need of India. This is the reason that senior Taliban leader Anas Haqqani has praised India fiercely. Anas has said that the doors of Afghanistan are always open for India. He has also emphasized on strengthening the ties of both India and Afghanistan through cricket. Anas Haqqani heads the Commission for the Return and Communications of former Afghan officials and political leaders in the Taliban government. He is also the brother of the leader of the Haqqani network and Sirajuddin Haqqani, the Interior Minister of Afghanistan.

Anas Haqqani said- Doors are open for India
Anas Haqqani in a conversation with News-18 said that it is now very clear that after the formation of the government in Afghanistan, the time has come for peace and discussion. Now we have the policy of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan for the world especially the neighboring countries and this includes India. India, with its policy of peace and development, can engage with us as it was with the previous government. For this the doors of the Emirates are open. Anas Haqqani said that diplomatic relations and consultations with Afghanistan can once again be restored as before. We are open to all and India has also been invited.

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‘India’s investments will be protected’
Haqqani said that whatever India’s stake in Afghanistan, it can be regained under the stable government of the emirate. Emirates extends its support and assurance. Despite this, if there is a problem, we will ensure that all apprehensions are addressed. We want India to reopen its embassy, ​​meet in a friendly atmosphere with the Afghan people. Emirates has no problem and its doors are open; Come and be with us like old friends.

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We are committed to protect all citizens
On guaranteeing security to Indian diplomatic missions, projects and businessmen in Afghanistan, Anas Haqqani said that the Islamic Emirate government of Afghanistan is bound to do so. The government has a duty to protect everyone, whoever comes to Afghanistan with the intention of friendship, with a clean heart, with the intention of stability of the country, Afghans and all those who love Afghanistan are welcome. In such a situation, it is the duty of the government to protect them. We assure everyone that it is our duty to provide security to every person who comes to Afghanistan to strengthen peace and stability.

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India-Afghanistan ties can be stronger than cricket
Asked about the role of cricket in India-Afghanistan relations, Anas Haqqani said that it is true and a fact that the Afghanistan national cricket team has a place in international cricket. The Afghan team has achieved this feat in a very short time. The people of Afghanistan love their cricket team and Islamic Emirate supports and helps in every possible way. We formally endorse and truly promote every member of the team. Cricket can bring both the countries closer. We want India and its cricket board to help our cricket team in future issues and let this sport become a medium to strengthen our relationship.

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