India got independence on 99-year lease, claims BJP leader, what will happen on lease furole?

রুচি পাঠক, বিজেপির যুব মোর্চার নেত্রী

Ruchi Pathak, spokesperson of BJP’s Youth Front. He was speaking at a media event in Jhansi on the Uttar Pradesh elections. But Ruchi got involved in the debate there too. He went on to pierce the Congress and said things that made the BJP uncomfortable. The leader of the Youth Front went to criticize the Congress. At that time, he said, India did not get complete independence. The Congress got the country’s independence on a 99-year lease. There is also a written agreement in this regard. Read the history. The British did not want to give independence. At that time Jawaharlal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi was sworn in. There was no vote then. But the constitution of India was not made. Before that, Nehru had become the Prime Minister.

However, there is a lot of noise around this comment of Ruchi Pathak. He was criticized outside the house. The question is, did Ruchi Pathak delay the party before the Uttar Pradesh elections? The Congress has also raised its voice in protest. He then issued a written statement apologizing. There he wrote, the comment I made was emotionally charged at that moment. It was not my intention to hurt the feelings of the people. This comment is my personal opinion. The team has nothing to do with it. He also mentioned that he had read this in a blog and in a statement by Rajiv Dixit. Seeing and hearing all this, a net citizen demanded, WhatsApp University Zindabad Tha, Zindabad Hai, Zindabad Rahega. Another wrote, 65 years have passed. This time he has only 24 years left.

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