India is the only country that has never grabbed an inch of land from others: Rajnath Singh


new Delhi: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said on Saturday that India is the ‘only country’ in the world which has never attacked nor grabbed an inch of land from other countries. At the same time, he said that the strength of the country is for the welfare of the world, not to scare anyone.

Attended DU program

Rajnath Singh said this while addressing the 98th Convocation of Delhi University. Appreciating the role of Indian universities in various fields like agriculture and engineering, Singh said that many multinational companies like Google, Twitter, Adobe and Microsoft are being run by students who have graduated from Indian educational institutions. Singh, the chief guest of the program, said that we also need to consider that why the Indian talent holding the reins of the world’s top companies cannot create such top companies in the country. During the convocation, 1,73,443 students were awarded digital degrees.

‘Wrong belief that the cause of terrorism is poverty and lack of education’

Referring to the names of convicted terrorists Afzal Guru, Yakub Memon and the attackers of the US-based Twin Towers, the Defense Minister said there is a misconception that the cause of terrorism is poverty and lack of education. He said, “In America, even after becoming a trained pilot, one can become Khalid Sheikh or Mohammed Ata who carried out 9/11 attacks, a doctor can become Afzal Guru, a CA can become Yakub Memon, a billionaire can become Osama. Can become bin. Defense Minister stressed on inculcating the right values ​​in the students.

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‘India has to be made a world guru’

Mentioning the names of ancient sages, scientists and scholars, he said that India was a pioneer in the field of science, but due to centuries of slavery, many people remained unaware of this. Rajnath said, ‘Our dream is to make India a Jagadguru. We want to make the country powerful, prosperous, knowledgeable and valuable. Our strength is for public welfare and not to scare the world. India is the only country that has never attacked or occupied an inch of land of any other country. This is our nature.’

This special appeal to the youth

He called upon the youth to take a pledge to refrain from indulging in any activity against the interests of the country. He said that the concept of ‘zero’ was given by India, Sridharacharya gave quadratic equation, Pythagoras theorem was given by Bodhayana 300 years before Pythagoras. He further told that surgery was done in this country before Jesus Christ, before Copernicus, Aryabhata had explained the shape of the earth and told that it rotates on its axis.

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DU is going to make this record

Talking about the spiritual power of the country, the Defense Minister said that people like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg also went to Neem Karoli Baba in Kanchi Dham near Nainital for peace in times of trouble. During the program, Singh also presented 197 medals to the students. A record number of people were awarded 802 doctoral degrees. Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Singh, who presided over the program, told that the university is going to complete 100 years on May 1 this year.

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