India vs New Zealand: Rahul explained Dravid’s importance in the team

India vs New Zealand: দলে Dravid র গুরুত্ব বুঝিয়ে দিলেন Rahul

Own report: Ken Williamson’s New Zealand, the runners-up of the show-piece event, is coming to India after the T20 World Cup. The Kiwis are set to play a series of three T20 and double Tests in the country. Rahul Dravid will start his career as the head coach of Team India against the Kiwis. End of Ravi Shastri era. At the same time, Virat Kohli will no longer be seen as the T20 captain of Team India. Rohit Sharma has been given full charge of the smallest format of cricket. His deputy is KL Rahul.

In a BCCI video, Rahul praised Dravid. They have known each other for a long time. Rahul said, “Look, I am very lucky to have known someone like him for a long time. As a young cricketer I was trying to follow his cricketing brain. I have seen Karnataka help him a lot. He has stood by cricketers all over the country. “We all know what a great name Rahul Dravid is in cricket. We all have a chance to learn. I can be a better cricketer. Speaking of coaching, I have played a few matches for India A team under his coaching. Cricket is great. It creates an environment for everyone Make everyone feel comfortable. ” The country’s leading batsman also spoke about the responsibility of vice-captain. Rahul said, “Of course there is an extra responsibility. But I enjoy it. The biggest thing is to create an environment in the dressing room where everyone will be happy. Open your mind and speak for yourself.”

Dravid, 46, is one of the greatest Indians of all time. If you say batting maestro, his name will come up in the first five. He was the coach of the under-19 national team for a long time. He was also the coach of India ‘A’ team. Cricketers like Rishabh Panth, Abesh Khan, Prithvi Shaw, Hanuma Bihari and Shubhaman Gill have been trained by him. Dravid took charge of the NCA and became a cricketer-maker. Now he is in the head of Virat-Rohtis.

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