INDvsNZ: Virat Kohli shouts New Zealand over South Africa tour

INDvsNZ: New Zealand-কে উড়িয়ে South Africa সফর নিয়ে হুঙ্কার দিলেন Virat Kohli

Own report: Winning two consecutive Test series against them on Australian soil again after the 2019-20 season has changed the body language of the Indian team (Team India) radically. ).

Sometimes a few days rest. After that the ‘Men in Blue’ brigade will leave for South Africa. The three-match series will start from the Boxing Day Test on December 26. Winning this series before embarking on that difficult series will boost the confidence of the Indian team. That is what the Indian captain thinks. So before Nelson Mandela flew to the country, the Indian captain practically shouted at Quinton de Kock.

Asked about the tour of South Africa at the awards ceremony at the end of the match, Kohli said: “Their great success at home against Australia has changed the team’s attitude. There is a belief that we can win against any team on foreign soil. If we want to succeed in South Africa, we have to face the challenge. If you want to get something great, you have to do it. And we are ready for that. ”

Kohli was rested after the T20 World Cup. In the second Test, he got success after returning to the team. Returning empty-handed in the first innings, he stopped at 36 in the second innings. However, as always, the team’s victory in the face of Kohli. He added, “Returning to the team as a captain is the taste of a big victory. I have seen such performance of the team in the past too. The Indian team also played well in the first Test at Kanpur. But we have overwhelmed everything in Wankhede. We discussed how to play better in the second Test of the series. His harvest was found. ”

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The last time the Kiwis met was at the Wankhede Stadium in 1973, 33 years ago. Although John Wright-Sir Richard Headley won the Test by 136 runs, this time Azaz Patel-Tom Latham had to digest the loss. So Kohli also thanked the 22-yard field for winning the Test.

“There was some help from the pitch,” he said. The pitch had both speed and bounce. So we tried to put pressure on the opposition. Admittedly, 22 yards from Wankhede gave us a chance to play good cricket. ”

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This is Rahul Dravid’s first Test series win as a coach. The Virat-Rahul combination is slowly solidifying. How much has Robi Shastri been able to adapt to the new coach since the end of the era?

“We try our best to play for the Indian team,” said Kohli. The previous management did a great job. Now Rahul Bhai has come as the coach. The mentality of this management is also the same. We don’t want to think about anything but victory. Even if I or someone else is in charge, everyone has one goal. We want to take Indian cricket further. “

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