INDvsNZ: Why is ‘Guru’ Pravin Amre in danger even after the rise of ‘disciple’ Shreyas Iyer?

INDvsNZ: 'শিষ্য' Shreyas Iyer-এর উত্থানের পরেও কেন আশঙ্কায় 'গুরু' Pravin Amre?

Sabyasachi Bagchi: The 26-year-old boy merged the Greenpark Stadium in Durban and Kanpur! 29 years ago. Against South Africa, his ‘guru’ Pravin Amre made 103 off 299 balls in his debut Test. ‘Disciple’ Shreyas Iyer stopped for 105 runs against New Zealand on Friday morning. Played 161 balls. Marlene 18 fours and 2 sixes.

Despite the gap of 29 years between the rise of Guru and Shishya in red ball cricket for the Indian team (Team India), the wave of hope and apprehension has remained the same. Even after scoring a century in the inaugural Test, ‘Guru’ Amre was deprived. ‘Student’ Shreyas’s fortune will not be so bad! Even on a happy day, the Delhi Capitals ‘batting consultant and Shreyas’ childhood coach is afraid of that.

Although he started his Test career with a century, Shreyas has multiple thorns in his future. Virat Kohli is returning in the second Test. He will bat at number four as expected. At number three and five are Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane. The two openers are Shubhaman Gill and Mayank Agarwal. As a result, it is very difficult to get his place in the first five. The only way to stay in the team is if Kohli enters the field with two spinners and two pacers. But will the India captain move away from playing three spinners at home? This is the biggest question.

The tour of South Africa is ahead. Despite being in the team for that Test series, will Shreyas be in the first XI? Because abroad, Kohli usually plays in a combination of four pacers and one spinner. Rishabh Panth will play as the wicketkeeper. Either Rabindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin will play as spinners. Numbers one to five will revolve around familiar faces. So what is the future of Shreyas?

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“The whole country and Shreyas’ family are overjoyed today. That is normal. But even after such a century, I am worried about his future. He should not be dropped from the team after the century. The right team combination is also important. So I want to see where Shreyas is playing. I have faith in Rahul Dravid. Hopefully he won’t let injustice happen to the boy. ”

Like a childhood coach, Shreyas’ cricket career was full of ups and downs. The coach had bad luck. Was a victim of politics. And in the case of Shreyas, a shoulder injury became like a ‘villain’. As a result, the 26-year-old right-handed batsman has lagged far behind even though he has a lot at hand. Reminding me of that, he added, “There is no point in discussing deprivation of self. There is no point in thinking about the politics that happened to me 29-30 years ago. At that time I played only 11 Tests with an average of 42.50. Unfortunately What else can you say about it. But Shreyas should not have to see such a day. That is the prayer to God. The rest of the time will tell. ”

He suffered a shoulder injury during a one-day international against England in March this year. The injury was so severe that he could not even lift the bat for a while. Even four months ago, he could not have imagined that such a royal return would take place. He had no contact with the bat for two months in a row. Naturally he was emotionally devastated. Amre kept Shreyas at bay at that time.

How did you handle the student? “When he started to recover after the shoulder surgery, I used to train him for only 15 minutes one day a week. But I wouldn’t let him hold the bat. He would get angry at me for that. But I didn’t give up. Show Shreyas a video of his best innings.” I tried to invigorate him. Then, when he started to get better, I extended the practice period. Everyone else is watching. After returning to the second round of IPL, he didn’t have to look back. ”

Shreyas Iyer batting.

This Greenpark Stadium in Kanpur is important for another special reason in the life of Shreyas. He did not have a good start in first-class cricket. The first two matches started with failure. Shreyas played an important innings in the Ranji Trophy match against Uttar Pradesh at the same ground 6 years ago. In that match, Mumbai lost 5 wickets for only 53 runs. From there, Shreyas gave the team an 85-run lead in the first innings. That innings didn’t just save Shreyas’ career. Amr, the then coach of the Mumbai team, also survived.

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The memory of that match seven years ago is still fresh in my mind. He said, “Shreyas came to me when he was 11 years old. So I had no doubt about his qualifications. That’s why I gave him a chance against Uttar Pradesh after losing two matches. Shreyas still paid the price for my trust. .

Shreyas underwent surgery at Billet after suffering a shoulder injury against England. Lancashire were scheduled to play in the Royal London Cup, but it was not possible. Rishabh Panth replaced him as captain of Delhi in the IPL.

Last Wednesday, he got the news of his Test debut from Dravid. Shreyas then posted a video on Instagram. It is seen that he is lying in the hospital bed. From there the picture changes to his test jersey. In this way his fate seemed to change. Not being able to play more than one match due to shoulder injury is now the main topic of discussion in Kanpur Test. Made new history. But at the same time, his future in red ball cricket was in jeopardy. Which was not desirable at all.

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