IPL 2021, MS Dhoni: ‘Captain Cool’ Dhoni is still having fun with his former teammate, who is he?

IPL 2021, MS Dhoni: 'ক্যাপ্টেন কুল' ধোনিতে এখনও মজে রয়েছেন তাঁর প্রাক্তন সতীর্থ, কে তিনি?

Own report: Although he is 40 years old, his intellect has not rusted at all. Mahendra Singh Dhoni explained that he lost to Mumbai Indians by 20 runs with only 156 runs in hand. After such a thrilling victory of Chennai Super Kings in the first match of the second round of IPL (IPL 2021), his former teammate Virender Sehwag praised ‘Captain Cool’. According to Biru, Kieron Pollard’s Mumbai is close to Mahir’s keen intellect.

“Dhoni’s captaincy was perfect. There is no doubt about it. He never likes to discuss in the dressing room. He decides according to the circumstances of the match. He did the same against Mumbai in this match. He can think and test the opposition batsmen. “It’s a great quality as a fast-paced captain. No one knows better than him which batsmen are weak against pace and spin. Pollard has fallen behind.”

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Discussing this, the former India opener cited the example of dismissing Ishan Kisan. Sehwag added, “The best example of his captaincy is the dismissal of Ishan Kisan. Dwayne Bravo had four fielders in the circle to stop Ishan when he was bowling, so that the retail run could be blocked. According to him, MS Dhoni is the sharpest captain in this IPL as always. ”

Despite losing 4 wickets for 24 runs at a time, Ruturaj Gaikwad’s unbeaten 6 off 57 balls made CSK 157 for 7. In reply, Rohit-less Mumbai stopped at 136 for 7. And after this victory, Dhoni rose to the top with 12 points in 6 matches.

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