IPL 2021: ‘Stay away from Panth’! Fans appeal to this lascivious

IPL 2021: 'পন্থের থেকে দূরেই থাকুন আপনি'! ফ্যানেদের আবেদন এই লাস্যময়ীকে

Own report: Rishabh Pant, the wicketkeeper-batsman of Team India and the captain of Delhi Capitals, had his birthday on October 4. At the moment, Panth is busy with IPL (IPL 2021). Urvashi Rautela greeted him on social media just a day after not wishing him a happy birthday. For which the victim of the trolls of the fans is the lascivious heroine of Bollywood.

Most of the Panth fans have appealed to Urvashi to stay away from this Team India star! The T20 World Cup is ahead. With that in mind, the fans want Urvashi’s shadow not to fall on the path! But now the question is, why the followers of the cult are telling Urvashi to stay away.

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@ RishabhPant17 happy birthday

(UrvashiRautela) October 4, 2021

It was reported that Urvashi was dating Panthe in 2016. But later the two got divorced. It is learned that Panth has blocked Urvashi on social media and WhatsApp. Panth is now in a relationship with Isha Negi, an interior designer and entrepreneur from Dehradun. He himself has admitted that. Pictures of the two together have also been seen on social media. But fans are not looking favorably on Urvashi’s approach.

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