‘ISIS bride’ Shamima Begum expresses her desire to fight terrorism, wants to keep facts in British court

'ISIS bride' Shamima Begum expresses her desire to fight terrorism, wants to keep facts in British court

ISIS Bride: In an interview, 22-year-old Shamima said that she is ready to face any punishment. But he should be given a chance to make his point in the court.

London. Bangladeshi origin Shamima Begum, who traveled from London to Syria to join Islamic State (ISIS), has apologized for her act. He has urged PM Boris Johnson to give him a chance to face the British justice system.

In a first interview for an event from Syria’s Ali Roz refugee camp, 22-year-old Shamima said on Wednesday that she was ready to accept any punishment. But his case should be heard in a British court.

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She said she would rather die than go back to ISIS. Shamima has also offered help to fight terrorism in Britain.

Didn’t know it was the road to death

Shamima said that she has been taken advantage of. An attempt has been made to mislead by misrepresenting the facts. Her role in the terrorist organization was only that of ‘mother and wife’. Shamima told that the reason she came to Syria was not violence. At that time she did not know that this was the way to death. She thought it was the Muslim community she had come to join.

acted as mother and wife

On her claim of having links with terrorist activities, she said that ‘I wish to go to court and face those who claim that she joined ISIS with a dangerous plan. Shamima said that she has not done anything in Islamic State but has been there in the role of mother and wife. Such claims were made to make me look bad as the government has nothing against me.

Appeared in baseball dress

Shamima appeared in a baseball dress at the time of the interview. The cap worn in the game and seen in western wear. Significantly, Shamima had reached Syria in 2015 to join ISIS. During that time she was studying in school.

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