Israel Attack Syria: 5 killed in missile strike in neighboring Israel

Israel Attack Syria: প্রতিবেশী দেশে বিমান হানা Israel-র, ক্ষেপণাস্ত্র হামলায় নিহত ৫

Own report: Russia has recently invaded Ukraine. Israel invaded neighboring Syria on Friday before the war broke out. It is known that Israel has launched a missile attack on Syria.

It is known that Israel has entered the Syrian airspace and carried out air strikes on various military bases. Five Syrians were killed in the attack.

The Syrian state news agency SANA reported that Israeli aircraft entered Syria on Friday and carried out the attack. In the attack, he attacked Syrian army weapons depots and Iranian militia positions in Masayaf. The Israeli air force fired at least eight missiles in the attack. Five people were killed and seven were injured in the attack.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British watchdog, said the attack had caused significant damage to Syrian military bases. In addition to this, it has been reported that crops have been destroyed due to fire in many fields. The Israeli military has not commented on the attack. At the same time, the Syrian army claims that it has destroyed many Israeli missiles through its air defense system.

Iranian-backed militia fighters have set up bases in Syria. Israel says the fighters are receiving large sums of money and weapons aid from Iran. It has also been claimed that they are plotting to attack Israel. In order to defend itself in this situation, it is compulsory for Israel to attack its enemies.

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Israel has carried out several airstrikes in Syria before. In 1967, the two countries fought a six-day Arab-Israeli war. In this war, six Arab countries, including Syria, attacked Israel together. But the Israeli army defeated all the invading countries in battle and occupied their territory along the border with Israel. Since then, no Arab country has directly attacked Israel.

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