Jalpaiguri: Money instead of rations at the door! Zee 24 hours news in the Food Department began the investigation

 Jalpaiguri:  দুয়ারে রেশনের বদলে টাকা! Zee ২৪ ঘণ্টার খবরে তদন্ত শুরু খাদ্য দফতরের

Own report: ‘Corruption’ in Duare Ration project. The dealer was accused of paying customers from door to door in Jalpaiguri, not ration items. The administration was shaken by the G24 hour news. The investigation began.

In the assembly vote, the Trinamool manifesto promised to launch the ‘Duare Ration’ project. Trinamool has returned to power after winning a huge vote. Mamata Banerjee is sitting in the Chief Minister’s chair for the third time. ‘Ration at the door’ has been introduced in the districts before Pujo. Dealers are camping in the area and delivering ration items to the customers. According to the food department, there are more than 3,000 ration shops under this project. A specific number of Ration Dealers have also been selected from each district.

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It is learned that ‘Duare Ration’ camp is also going on in Balapara village under Paharpur Panchayat in Sadar Block of Jalpaiguri. But local residents are not getting rations! Why? Allegedly, local dealer Chandan is buying ration items from customers in exchange for government money. This news is broadcast in G24 hours.

The food department is in turmoil due to the news. Jalpaiguri Sub-Divisional Controller (Food and Supplies) Ajay Kumar Mishra directed an inquiry into the incident. If necessary, the license of the accused dealer may also be revoked. However, he denied the allegation of taking money.

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