Jamshedpur News: With the connivance of the landlord, theft of lakhs in the cloth warehouse, seven arrested

Jamshedpur News: With the connivance of the landlord, theft of lakhs in the cloth warehouse, seven arrested
For the last several days, readymade clothes were being stolen from a clothes warehouse in Jamshedpur. In this theft incident, a big role of the landlord who rented the godown has also come to the fore. When the police investigated and checked the footage of the CCTV camera, she was also surprised.

In fact, in the CCTV footage, the police found the owner of the house stealing from Godan. On the basis of the footage, along with four criminals who carried out the theft incident, the house owner of the warehouse who was involved in the theft and two shopkeepers who bought the stolen clothes have also been arrested by the police.

According to information received from police sources, readymade clothes were being stolen from the Ansari Cloth Store godown located on Gaurishankar Road in Jugsalai for the last several days. After seeing the CCTV, the owner of the shop Afroz Alam Ansari came to know that theft was taking place from the godown. On being informed about this, a special raid team was formed on the instructions of the City SP and taking quick action, the four accused Deepak Sahu, Jitendra Lohar, Akshay Kumar and Suraj Singh were caught by the police.

The police officer said that readymade clothes were recovered from the house of one of the accused, while the other accused told that they sell all the stolen goods in the shop of Bajrang Singh of Galudih and Vasudev Galudih resident of Narsinggarh Dhalbhumdih Tana. The police also arrested both those shopkeepers. In this way 6 people were arrested.

Later it was found that the landlord of the house where the godown is located, was also involved in the theft incident. In this way, a total of seven accused have been arrested by the police and a large number of items have been recovered. In which items worth about 2.5 to three lakh rupees including jeans pants 140 pieces frocks, T-shirts, kurtas, nighties, mini skirts, stalls were recovered. Huh. Whereas roughly the shop owner said that 20 to 25 lakhs have been stolen so far. At the same time, the accused have admitted that they have also sold a lot of clothes in the local Haat market.

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