Janardan Mishra Controversial Statements: From PM Modi’s beard to the threat of burying the officer alive… Controversy starts as soon as BJP MP opens his mouth

Janardan Mishra Controversial Statements: From PM Modi's beard to the threat of burying the officer alive… Controversy starts as soon as BJP MP opens his mouth


  • BJP MP Janardan Mishra’s bad words again
  • MP justified the corruption of sarpanches
  • Mishra said – do not complain about corruption up to 15 lakhs
  • BJP MPs are often in discussion for their statements

BJP MP Janardan Mishra from Rewa in Madhya Pradesh has once again come into controversy. Janardan Mishra, who is famous for his controversial statements, has now advocated giving exemption to sarpanches of corruption. Janardan Mishra has said that if the sarpanch commits corruption up to Rs 15 lakh, then he should not complain. The video of his statement (Janardan Mishra Viral Video) is going viral. MP Mishra has also put BJP in trouble with his statements many times. Whenever he opens his mouth, a dispute ensues.

Janardan Mishra made a controversial statement about Prime Minister Narendra Modi about a month ago. The Rewa MP had said that the PM residence comes out of PM Modi’s beard (pm awas yojna in modi beard). Home is the house in Modi’s beard. If you shake once, 50 lakhs, if you shake it the second time, then one crore. As many times as you shake, you will meet house to house. That’s why you guys look at Modi’s beard, when you stop looking, you will also stop getting housing. As long as Modi has a beard, he will get housing. Modi’s beard is immortal and your houses will also be immortal. So keep watching Modi’s beard and keep getting accommodation.

Once PM Modi shakes his beard, 50 lakh houses fall, so keep watching… BJP MP’s words

Earlier in June, 2020, he had told women addicted to alcohol and drugs. In a press conference, the MP had said that when women and girls take drugs, then what is the harm in selling liquor. Women are continuously drinking alcohol in the country. 16 year old girls taking corex and narcotics. The MP made this controversial statement regarding the duty of women in liquor shops.

The Bayanaveer MP had given a statement in November 2019 to strangle the policemen. During the BJP’s Kisan Aakrosh Andolan, he had said that if someone from the Congress or the police comes to collect money from the farmers, he will break his hand. He will be put to death by strangulation.

MP’s Bahyanveer leader: One should learn from them the art of staying in the news by speaking controversial things

In September 2019, Mishra had threatened to bury alive the then municipal commissioner of Rewa and IAS officer Sabhajit Yadav. He even instigated the common people to do the same. While addressing a meeting, he had said that when the corporation commissioner comes to ask you for money, then call me. I will come and dig a pit and bury it alive. If I could not come then you guys have to do this. That’s why everyone should have a spade and ax sharpened.

By visiting Laxmibai’s tomb, Scindia washed away the decades-old stain in one stroke, will the edge of Congress’s opposition be blunt?
MP Janardan Mishra, however, is often in the news for good deeds as well. During the first two waves of Corona, he was seen helping people. He went from house to house and distributed ration and masks to the poor. He also started the work of making masks at home. He himself used to go to distribute masks to the needy people. His initiative was highly appreciated on social media. PM Modi also praised him for this.

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