JDU gave ultimatum to BJP, said- seat distribution should be done soon, otherwise…


Patna: A new challenge has now emerged for the BJP, which is preparing for the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. The party’s ally JDU has given an ultimatum that the seat-sharing should be done at the earliest, otherwise the ruling party is ready to contest the elections alone in UP.

Ultimatum on seat sharing in UP

Nitish Kumar’s party JDU, which is included in the ruling alliance in Bihar, has given an ultimatum to its ally BJP on seat-sharing for the UP Legislative Assembly elections on Tuesday. After the announcement of elections in UP, now all the political parties are engaged in manipulations regarding seat-sharing.

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Meanwhile, JD(U) Principal General Secretary KC Tyagi said that all the parties are now busy finalizing the seat sharing for the elections. In such a situation, the situation in NDA should also be clear. He said that the party has made preparations for the Uttar Pradesh elections. The party has a desire to fight the elections together with the BJP inside UP, but nothing satisfactory has been done so far.

‘Ready to contest alone’

He also told that there have been talks between many senior leaders including JDU leader RCP Singh and BJP leader Amit Shah regarding this election. Tyagi said that now the time has come to take a decision regarding seat-sharing at the earliest. He also said that if it is not decided soon, then JDU will fight alone in selected seats. He clarified that if there is no talk on this, then JDU will take its own decision.

The ruling National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in Bihar comprises two smaller parties, including the BJP and the JDU. JDU leader RCP Singh is also included in the Union Cabinet.

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