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Taking a unique initiative with the family, a cow servant set a new example by climbing the cow on the golden ladder.


Updated: March 02, 2022 10:58:21 pm

Jhalawar Bhawani Mandi. By the way, in common life, generation after generation, the tradition of raising an old person on the golden ladder on the rise of the lineage is performed with great fanfare by organizing a program. In Bhawani Mandi, a cow servant took a unique initiative with the family and set a new example by raising the cow on the golden ladder. For which a program was organized at Sai Gaushala located near Muktidham. In which hundreds of people participated. The family members made the whole program devotional by singing the story of Satyanarayan Bhagwan, Golden Ladder program and women singing bhajans and Mangal songs in the Gaushala. Relatives who came to the program also appreciated this initiative of the Gau Sevak family.
climbing golden ladder
Gau Sevak Dinesh Gupta told that he had served a cow named Paro at home. She gave birth to a calf named Moti. Moti gave birth to a third generation calf named Dev. The same god gave birth to a fourth generation calf named Sunny. Paro has now given birth to 8 children. The new child is still in her womb.
such a cow servant
Gau Sevaks had come to Bhawani Mandi from Hemda village in 2007. Then the cows of the city were suffering from a disease called Khurra. which was not seen by them. On which he himself went out with a mahram bandage in a bag. Whatever cow he found in the city was suffering from a disease named Khurra. He treated her with a mahram bandage on the spot. Seeing his work of service, Kamal Sharma, Anil Gandhi, Ganesh Salecha went on adding time to him.
The shop outside the house was converted into a cowshed
Gau Sevak told that the shopkeeper had objected to tying the cow outside the house. On which he accepted cow service as his religion. Keeping the sense of cow service in his mind, he vacated the rented shop in the premises of his house and started Shri Krishna Gaushala in it. In which gradually started serving more than two dozen cows.
distant relatives
Gau Sevak had invited his distant relatives for the Golden Ladder program. To participate in which the relatives of Indore, Soyat, Sirpoi, Khilchipur, Raipur participated in the program with great pomp and sang songs. Along with this, bedsheets were presented by the Gau Sevak family in farewell to the guests.
Wife cooks two kilos of flour bread for cows
Gau Sevak Dinesh Gupta told that his wife Sunita Gupta has been making 2 kilos of flour bread for the cows in the morning and evening continuously since the year 2008. Which are fed daily to the cows roaming in the locality.

Jhalawar News .Gau Sevak family took the initiative


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