Jharkhand Weather Update: 72 hours of rain caused water-water in Jharkhand, road turned pond, many houses submerged

Jharkhand Weather Update: 72 hours of rain caused water-water in Jharkhand, road turned pond, many houses submerged
Ravi Sinha, Ranchi
Due to continuous rain in Jharkhand for about 72 hours, only water is visible in the surrounding areas including the capital Ranchi. Somewhere there was water logging on the roads, while in some places the low-lying areas were flooded. Rain has affected life in rural areas of the capital. Due to the rain in the city, the water logging near Argora Chowk on Rajpath gave a pond-like view. A part of the road was completely submerged in rain water. The water filled so much that bike riders were seen commuting from the other side of the road. Pedestrians also faced a lot of difficulties.

That’s why there was heavy rain in the state
Most areas of the city were seen submerged on Wednesday morning after incessant rain since the night. The Silagai River is in spate in Chanho. The water level is four feet below the bridge. Abhishek Anand, a scientist of the Indian Meteorological Department, Ranchi, told that for the first time this monsoon season, a deep depression has formed. The low pressure in the Bay of Bengal has turned into a deep depression. Due to which it is raining all over the state. Deep depression is the condition before the formation of a storm in the sea. He said that from Thursday, the rains would reduce and there would be light to moderate rain at some places for three-four days.

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Crop damage due to heavy rain
The highest rainfall in the last 24 hours was 128.4 mm in Kudu. Mandar 126.2, Arki 115 mm, Lohardaga 105.6 mm, Latehar 105 mm, Ramgarh 104.8 mm rain was recorded. Ranchi received 58 mm of rain. Ranchi has received 1404 mm of rain from June 1 to September 15. While the paddy crops have been washed away due to incessant rains, there is despair on the faces of vegetable growers. Vegetables ready in the fields have been destroyed due to rain, due to which the price of vegetables is also expected to increase.

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All dams and rivers in spate
Many rivers of Hazaribagh are in flood situation due to rain. The water level of Topchanchi Lake, Maithon and Panchet Dam is flowing above the danger mark. Here, Kharkai river in Jamshedpur has reached near the danger mark. At the same time, the risk of flood has increased in the low-lying areas of Jamshedpur city. Many houses in Jugsalai and Bagbera have been flooded till morning. The Sanjay river is in spate in Chakradharpur. Whereas in Chaibasa, traffic was disrupted for hours due to felling of trees at many places.

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