‘Kaal Yoga on the whole village, the only way to survive…’ Two snake charmers sold the entire village a talisman worth 30 thousand… know the whole matter

'Kaal Yoga on the whole village, the only way to survive...' Two snake charmers sold the entire village a talisman worth 30 thousand... know the whole matter
In Jharkhand, a child died due to snake bite in Kadalkurmi village of Palamu district. Taking advantage of this, two snake charmers first claimed to have brought the child alive after reaching the village and then went on selling amulets worth about 30 thousand rupees in the whole village. According to the information, Shiv Kumar, 6-year-old son of Pramod Rajwar, a resident of the village, died due to snake bite on Friday morning, but at the behest of some people, the family members left the last rites of the dead body to revive the child with the magic of snake charmers. Looking forward to it.

It is told that the family took the child to the Hussainabad sub-divisional hospital, but the child died on the way and on reaching the hospital, the doctors declared him dead. Meanwhile, claiming to bring the child alive, two snake charmers reached the village on Saturday morning and called for the material of worship, claiming to bring the dead child alive in 2 hours.

Nag-Nagin’s couple bitten the child, said the snake charmer
Slowly this word spread in the whole village and people from far and wide reached the spot. The snake charmers said that the snake that bit the child is still present in the house. Will force them out and take back their poison. Meanwhile, a snake charmer went inside the house with chickpeas and the snake charmer took out 2 snakes from the house and said that these are snakes and serpents. He has bitten the child.

‘…then the child will become a snake’, the snake charmers narrated the film story to the villagers
After this, the snake charmers told the people in a filmy style a false story telling the villagers that if the snake took back this poison, then he would die, then this child would become a snake. The serpent will bite the entire family to avenge the death of her husband, so it would be better if both these snakes are thrown out of the house. The child can no longer be alive.

Entire village bought amulets worth 30 thousand
Meanwhile, in the name of worship, a lot of money was taken from the family members. The snake charmers made a plan to cheat the dead child as well as other relatives and claimed that there was Kaal Yoga on the entire village. The only way to avoid this is that the people of the village wear amulets. Along with this, there was a competition among the villagers to get the amulet and apart from Kadamkurmi village, people who came from nearby villages bought the amulets for about 30 thousand rupees. While both the thug snake charmers continued to walk comfortably from the village.

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