kashmiri pandit stopped cow slaughter effect of abrogation of article 370 in kashmir

kashmiri pandit stopped cow slaughter effect of abrogation of article 370 in kashmir

New Delhi:

A video of Kashmir linking Article 370 is viral in social media. Eight people are seen in the video along with some cattle. All these people are standing in an empty plot and are arguing with the man. It is being claimed that the video is from Srinagar and these people are in this area with the intention of killing cow. They were gathered in the plot. But a Kashmiri Pandit stopped them. The person making the video asks these people for a license to cut the gate. Then asks them to leave from here. A user named Devendra Tamrakar while sharing the video wrote -“Now the power of 370 and 35A is visible in Kashmir, India is a country where people cry by tearing their chest when milk breaks, but a drop of tears does not flow when a cow is cut. Didn’t let it cut.”

Seeing the video, one thing is clear that the person opposed the cow slaughter. We started the investigation with the viral video itself.

When we gathered information about this clue from our Srinagar correspondent Mir Farid, it came to know that the video is from Srinagar and this video was made by a person named Arif Jaan. However, after the video went viral, Arif also clarified on it. ..In the sequel of the investigation we reached Arif Jaan’s Facebook account..then we found a post….in which Arif wrote…”Social media sites are making this video viral and it is being relied on religious and political Making the point, this case was completely different, I am not against animal sacrifice on Eid, was opposing the place of sacrifice as Darulaloom was near the wall of my kitchen. Its really hard to ignore the stench Was. Now this matter has been resolved by the Masjid Committee and there is no problem.”

We got in touch with Arif Jan to confirm the information we got from the Facebook post…So on WhatsApp chat he told that the video was recorded in the month of July this year. When he had come to offer his sacrifice, he objected and made a video. The mosque committee had resolved the issue on the same day and the place of sacrifice was moved to a distance of 200 meters.

In this way, it became clear in our investigation, the claim of Kashmiri opposing cow slaughter is half right and half wrong. Half right because this person had objected to the slaughter house near the house. But half wrong because this person is not a Kashmiri Pandit.

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