KC Veeramani’s clarification on the action of DVAC: Only 5600 rupees were received from the house, Benz car is from class VII

डीवीएसी की कार्रवाई पर केसी वीरमणि की सफाई: केवल 5600 रुपए मिले घर से, सातवीं कक्षा से है बेंज कार

– Case of acquisition of disproportionate assets


Former AIADMK minister KC Veeramani says that only Rs 5600 cash was recovered in the raids conducted by Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption (DVAC) at his residence and places. As far as the expensive car is concerned, it is 40 years old.

Velur DVAC had conducted simultaneous raids at 35 places on 16 September on the allegation of acquiring disproportionate assets. He is accused of amassing 654 per cent of assets disproportionate to his income. In the raids, Rs 35 lakh cash, foreign currency notes worth Rs 1.80 lakh, 5 kg gold jewellery, 9 luxury cars, property documents worth crores of rupees and silver utensils were seized.

election action
Meanwhile, former minister Veeramani addressed reporters on Monday that the news published in the media that unaccounted cash has been recovered from his residence is wrong. Everything has happened with the intention of spreading misinformation and defamation about me and my party which is directly related to the local body elections.

return the jewelry
The AIADMK leader showed the copy handed over to him after the action and said that on that day 2746 grams of gold ornaments, USD 2,508 (1.80 lakh in Indian Rupees), a bundle of Rs 10 in cash i.e. Rs 1000 including 5600 cash was seized by DVAC. Had it. According to him, in the election nomination, he had shown gold ornaments of 300 i.e. about 2400 grams. Based on this the seized ornaments have been returned. Daughter studies in Australia. US dollars were bought for his convenience.

business family
Describing himself as a big business family, Veeramani said that he is fond of cars since childhood. When he was in seventh grade, he had a Benz car. Apart from this, there is a Rolls Royce car. Which is the oldest car and vintage collection. Equal returns are being filed every year of the business. He has an account of everything. Lies are being spread among the public in view of the elections.

raid till ten night
He told that everything was checked and after the raid was completed at 10 pm, the seized list was prepared which he signed. But the news became headlines that jewels and jewelery worth crores were recovered in the raids. The former minister alleged that efforts were being made to put pressure on him and his party for the sake of elections. They will deal with the matter legally.

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