Kim Jong Un: North Korean dictator gifted a luxurious house to a news anchor


Kim Jong Un News: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is once again in discussion. However, this time the reason is not threats or missile tests but something else. Kim has gifted a luxury house to senior news anchor Ri Chun Hi. Ri Chun Hee, 79, has been a prominent face of North Korean television.

It is called ‘Pink Lady’.

According to the news published in our partner website WION, Ri Chun Hi is also known as ‘Pink Lady’, as she is mostly seen in traditional pink dress. Dictator Kim Jong Un himself was also present on the occasion of gifting a luxurious house to the anchor. This house in the Riverside Apartment Complex in the capital Pyongyang has been specially built for Ri Chun Hee.

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Anchor got emotional after seeing the gift

According to the Korean Central News Agency, when Kim gifted the house to the news anchor, she became emotional. He told Kim that his new home was like a hotel. To this, Kim told him that he was like a treasure to the nation, who had worked as a presenter for a long time. Let us tell you that in his career, Ri has read news on many important events in North Korea.

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