Kolkata Metro: Mother Durga herself did not get Metro train token!

Kolkata Metro: মেট্রো রেলের টোকেন পেলেন না স্বয়ং মা দুর্গা!

Kamalaksh Bhattacharya: Mother Durga did not get the metro rail token. He doesn’t even have a smart card. Dashbhuja came to the neighborhood in a Maruti van. Then came the horseman. Instead of a route, the two-foot-tall idol of the goddess eventually became the main attraction of the pole puja.

In fact, today, Sunday was the pooja of the Durga Puja of Kundghat Pragati Sangha. Entrepreneurs thought it would surprise. But the opposite is true.

Exactly the train, the bus, the boat, the doolie – everything has been used before to bring the goddess, this time mother will come by metrorail. With the blessings of the Goddess Metro ride, the beginning of Pujo will be wonderful! Similarly, Devi reached Masterda Surya Sen station in a Maruti van. Then the token was to be cut and dropped off at the next station Netaji.

But the metro authorities dropped it. Sculpture transport in metro Naib Naib f. On behalf of the club, there was nothing left to request, to hold hands. Even the phone was made upstairs. But it is not allowed to do so. At the end, the goddess came to the neighborhood by pressing the Maruti again. Then came the solemn procession. The goddess reached the ground of Pragati Sangha with a horse-drawn chariot and drums.

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