‘Kuch to log kahenge’, Tharu opened his mouth to talk to Supriya Sul.

ভাইরাল হয়ে গিয়েছে শশী থারুর এবং সুপ্রিয়া সুলের এই ভিডিয়ো। (ছবি সৌজন্যে, স্ক্রিনগ্র্যাব)

Leaning over, Supriya is talking to Sul. Recently, such a video of Shashi Tharoor went viral. The Congress MP from Thiruvananthapuram opened his mouth about it. He sneered and said, ‘Where are some people ..’ He also claimed that Sule was talking about a policy issue before his speech in the Lok Sabha.

Recently, a video of Tharoor and Sule talking on social media went viral. It is seen in the video that Farooq Abdullah is talking about something in the Lok Sabha. Tharoor and Sule are seen talking behind the veteran politicians. The manner in which the Congress MP was speaking was trolled on social media. Which did not escape the notice of Tharoor.

“I would like to inform those who are having fun with Supriya Sule and my brief conversation in the Lok Sabha that she was asking a policy question,” Tharoor said of the viral video on Thursday. Because then he would say. He was talking softly so as not to disturb Farooq Sab. So I leaned towards him. ‘ However, the account that Tharoor tagged in Supriya is not the official account of Sharad Pawar’s daughter. Instead, Nicholas Brown tagged an account. Later, he said again with that tweet, ‘Kuch to log kahenge, logo ka kam ha kahna.’ Which is written in full Hindi script by the MP of Kerala.

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