Loudspeakers on mosques will increase appeasement, will Germany become an Islamic country?

मस्जिदों पर लाउडस्पीकर तो बढ़ेगा तुष्टिकरण, क्या इस्लामिक मुल्क बन जाएगा जर्मनी?

New Delhi: India is not the only country where many shops of politics are running in the name of Muslim Appeasement. These include those Western countries, which at one time used to say that Islamic fundamentalism was nothing more than a hypothesis. Today there is a debate in Germany whether Germany will gradually become a Muslim nation.

Permission given to install loudspeakers at mosques

In the background of this debate, there is a recent decision by the mayor of the city of Cologne, in which she has allowed the use of loudspeakers in mosques there on the demand of the Muslim community. Under this, loudspeakers can be used in mosques for 5 minutes every week on Friday on the day of Friday prayers. This decision will be applicable to all the 35 mosques there, which many people are opposing.

Is Germany going to become a Muslim nation?

This city of Germany is recognized as the oldest city of Christianity. Here is also the oldest and largest church in Germany, where people reach from different corners of the world. The city is believed to have had no Muslim population until the 19th century, but Germany’s sympathy for refugees put the city’s heritage in jeopardy. Today people there are saying that Germany is slowly moving on the path of becoming a Muslim nation.

Turkey is funding mosques

On this whole issue, the mayor there says that this decision shows religious freedom and diversity in Germany and also sets an example of respect and generosity for Islamic beliefs. These things sound good to speak and to hear but in reality it is not so. Actually, all 35 mosques in this city of Germany get funding from Turkey for operation. That is, Turkey is behind it.

A religious organization of the Turkish government, the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs, provides large-scale funding for the operation of mosques in Germany, the salaries of clerics and other expenses. In the year 2018, when the largest mosque was built in this city, even then its funding came from this institution. It was also inaugurated by the President of Turkey himself.

14% Muslim population in Germany

The total population of Germany is about 80 million, of which the Muslim population is 5.6 million. According to this, 14 percent of the total population are from the Muslim community. According to a report, at present, about 900 mosques in Germany are being operated by the same religious organization of the Turkish government, which has more than 8 lakh members there. Imagine that out of the total 56 lakh population, 15 percent of the Muslims are working only for the government of Turkey.

Overall, it is a franchise of Islamic fundamentalism, which has many branches open in Germany. In 2007, an imam from Germany, who was associated with this institution, was accused of spying for the Turkish government and spreading hatred against Christianity. The same thing is happening there even today. There people are more concerned about what is happening inside these mosques than using loudspeakers at mosques and in whose hands is their remote control.

Confusion about Islamic fundamentalism

Many countries of Europe are still confused about Islamic fundamentalism. They want to protect themselves from terrorism but at the same time they want to join the blind race of secularism so that they look secular in the whole world. We believe that this ride in two boats will be very heavy for these countries of Europe. For example, in the year 2016, during the New Year celebrations, there were incidents of large-scale molestation of women in Germany. Later it was revealed that behind these incidents are the same Muslim refugees, whom Germany had taken pity on and allowed them to come to their country.

In Germany, where the Muslim community is a minority, they demand more freedom. But where they are in majority, they do not hesitate to oppress minorities. In Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka, members of the Muslim community targeted Hindu minorities and vandalized the Durga pandal there.

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Hindus are being targeted in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Hindus are being selectively killed and Durga pandals are also being vandalized. It is being told that there is a rumor spread behind this violence, in which it was said that the verses of Quran have been torn and burnt in these Durga pandals. Whereas nothing of the sort had happened. Such rumors have a long history in Bangladesh. Whenever there has been violence against Hindus, then there was some rumor behind it.

So far there are reports of three people being killed in this violence. This number may also increase. Because right and complete information is not coming out from Bangladesh right now.

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