Lucknow News: MLAs should not make such promises to the public which cannot be fulfilled in 5 years- Governor Anandiben Patel

Lucknow News: MLAs should not make such promises to the public which cannot be fulfilled in 5 years- Governor Anandiben Patel
Abhay Singh Rathore, Lucknow: The assembly session of the second term of the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh is starting from May 23. The special thing this time is that during the session, MLAs will be able to ask their questions through e-Vidhan. In this regard, arrangement of tablets has been made in front of the chair of all the MLAs. While addressing the enlightenment program organized for the newly elected members in the assembly on Saturday, Governor Anandiben Patel congratulated 128 members who became MLAs for the first time. At the same time, for the first time 47 women MLAs have reached the assembly, they said that it is a matter of luck for all of us. In the future also the number of women should increase. At the same time, he taught that do not make such promises which cannot be fulfilled in five years.

Addressing all the MLAs, Governor Anandiben Patel said that working as MLA, minister and public representative are three different things. He said that all the MLAs should think about what work to do, how to do it and why. The Governor said that first of all, what is your priority, you have to think about it. He told the MLAs that you are an MLA of any party, everyone should do the work related to the people.

Make promises you can fulfill
The Governor told the MLAs that I have 20 years of work experience, so I am saying that do not make such promises that I will deliver water to your house in five years. Because if you are not able to reach, then your image will be spoiled, if the minister is not able to work then his image will be spoiled. When the image of both deteriorates, the image of the government deteriorates. At the same time, he said that if you work according to the time table, then UP can also become a model.

Family members should not interfere in work – Governor
At the same time, while instructing the MLA-Ministers, the Governor of UP said that tell the family members not to interfere in my work. This tarnishes your image only when your children do your work instead of you. He said that do not do this, if you want to create a good image, then follow the policy and rules well. In Gujarat too, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, all the MLAs and ministers lived in Gandhinagar. After working for three consecutive days, they lived in their respective areas for the remaining 4 days. At the same time, he said that do not make an image of arriving late in any program or meeting, make a habit of reaching on time.

Communication of public representatives with the public is necessary
Saturday was the second day of a two-day enlightenment program to train the elected MLAs about the proceedings, rules and conventions of the House. On this occasion, CM Yogi Adityanath thanked Assembly Speaker Satish Mahana. The CM said that he has made many innovations during his short current tenure. According to the intention of PM Modi, by implementing the National e-Vidhan application in Uttar Pradesh, success has been achieved in giving the form of the country’s first e-Vidhan. In his statement, the CM said that in a democracy, the people have been considered as a form of public and our accountability is towards the people. The better the communication of a public representative with the public, the more he will appear to be living up to the expectations of the people.

Bring the schemes of Center and UP to the public
He said that negativity can never take any public representative forward. The public also looks at him with a negative attitude, if the sentiments are positive. If they are in the interest of the state, country and the people, if they have the spirit of public welfare, then the public also looks at such a public representative with the same spirit. To take the public welfare schemes of the Central and UP government to the public honestly, one will have to be very sensitive. You have to present your image as an ideal public representative.

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