Madalsa Sharma breaks silence on rumours, explains why Kavya left Shah House?


New Delhi: Kavya of ‘Anupama’ i.e. Madalsa Sharma is shown suddenly leaving Shah House. At present, Vanraj Shah (Sudhanshu Panday) is eyeing the business of Anuj Kapadia (Gaurav Khanna). We see that Malavika (Aneri Vajani) gets very upset after seeing her depression. Kavya gets tensed due to the growing friendship between Malvika and Vanraj Shah. Then suddenly she disappears on New Year’s Night. After this sudden twist of the show, various rumors have started coming to the fore. People thought that Madalsa has got COVID-19 positive somewhere. Because we know that epidemic is spreading in India. Many people in the TV industry have been affected. In such a situation, Madalsa has broken the silence on all the rumours.

What is the secret of Kavya’s disappearance

Madalsa Sharma while talking to our partner website BollywoodLife has said, ‘This is wrong. I’m totally fine. Yes, I have left Shah House. A big twist is coming in the show. Fans can expect a wonderful twist. Now from the words of Kavya i.e. Madalsa, it seems that when Vanraj tries to destroy Anuj Kapadia’s business, Kavya will make a comeback.

Who will have control over the Kapadia Empire?

It seems that all she wants is to make Vanraj realize his importance in her life. She will leave and will not come in contact with Vanraj for a few days. On the other hand, Paritosh and Vanraj will plan to deceive Malvika and capture the Kapadia Empire.

This will be the big twist

In the coming days, we will see how Rupali Ganguly saves Anuj and Malvika from the nefarious designs of Paritosh and Vanraj. Looks like Kinjal will help him in this matter. Obviously, the journey ahead is full of twists and turns for the audience.

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