Maharashtra: The college will open on October 20, only students who have completed the vaccination will get the opportunity

Maharashtra: কলেজ খুলবে ২০ অক্টোবর, টিকাকরণ সম্পূর্ণ হওয়া শিক্ষার্থীরাই পাবেন সুযোগ

Own report: Colleges and universities in Maharashtra will resume their activities on campus from October 20. However, in order to participate in offline classes, students need to be fully vaccinated. Maharashtra Higher Education Minister Uday Samant said this on Wednesday. In early October, the state government allowed the school to reopen for higher classes.

Minister (Uday Samant) said that in order to facilitate the reopening of colleges, vaccination should be done on priority basis for teachers and non-teaching staff. According to Uday Samant, all non-agricultural colleges, state-run universities, recognized universities, self-financed universities and their affiliated colleges will be able to start classes offline from October 20. He added that only students who have taken both doses of the vaccine will be able to attend class. Students who have not yet completed two doses of the Covid vaccine should take this vaccine on a priority basis in coordination with their respective colleges.

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Regarding the reopening of the dormitory, the Minister (Uday Samant) said that the officials of the Department of Higher and Technical Education should discuss the matter with the colleges. He added that the college authorities will inform the students who have to stay in the hostel. The minister added that a proposal to allow students to board local trains in Mumbai and surrounding areas would be submitted to the state chief secretary soon. He said the decision on determining the number of students in the class would be taken in consultation with the local administration. He asked each university to prepare SoP for their subordinate colleges.

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