Mamata hints at holding GTA elections in the hills

মমতা বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়। (PTI)

After the pre-poll, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee hinted at holding the GTA elections for four years. At an administrative meeting in the hills on Tuesday, the chief minister said, ‘The GTA election will be held as soon as the new voter list is released. Until then, the district governor of Darjeeling will handle the responsibility of GTA.

On the same day, Mamata said, ‘As soon as the new voter list comes, we will move forward with GTA. Elections need to be held in the hills in the interest of development. Dispute among themselves – Conflict must be forgotten. We will work for development together. It is better to give the responsibility of GTA to someone who will always be working.

After the Trinamool came to power, the GTA agreement was signed in the hills. Even after that, the front did not move away from the demand for a separate state. With this, Teesta has poured a lot of water with paint. After hiding for a long time, Bimal Gurung, the uncrowned king of the hills, has recently come out again. Meanwhile, Binoy Tamang and Anik Thapa have left the front and formed separate teams. Meanwhile, the GNLF has joined hands with the BJP after the Morcha left the BJP. All in all complex equations in the mountains.

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