Man Swallows Mobile: Patient suffering from stomach ache

Man Swallows Mobile: পেটের যন্ত্রণায় কাতর রোগী, অপারেশন করতেই বের হল আস্ত মোবাইল!

Own report: Sudden severe pain in the abdomen. There is no ability to move. Going to the doctors according to any opinion. Operation after long examination. And that is the real reason. The doctors took out a whole mobile phone from the patient’s stomach (Man Swallows Mobile). In the whole case, practically everyone’s eyes are wide open.

The incident took place in Egypt. The man has already made headlines in the media. It is known that six months ago, the man (Swallows Mobile) swallowed a whole mobile phone. Shame did not tell anyone. Thought such food comes out according to the laws of nature. So many mobiles will also come out. But after six months the discomfort started. Sudden onset of severe abdominal pain (Man Swallows Mobile).

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He was forced to go to the doctors. The real reason is to do an X-ray scan of the abdomen. According to the report, the man had a mobile phone in his stomach. And the doctors did not waste time. He immediately operated and took out the mobile.

Aswan University Hospital in Egypt operated on that person. Doctors said the operation was difficult enough. That person had doubts about his life. The chairman of the hospital, Mohamed El-Dahshoury, said it was the first such experience in his life.

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