Masks will no longer be worn in the UK, vaccination certificates will not be shown, know what is the reason


London: The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson has made a big announcement. He said that most of the restrictions imposed in the UK regarding Kovid-19 will be lifted next week. He said that from January 24, the time of Kovid isolation will be reduced to only five days. However, he also said that the Omicron variant of the coronavirus is not mild, those who have not vaccinated need to take precautions. Boris also announced the removal of Plan B and going back to Plan A, implemented regarding the Kovid restrictions.

Wearing of mask is not mandatory even in closed places

Johnson also told the British Parliament that people would not have to wear masks in closed spaces when working from home and would not have to show a certificate of vaccination when using public places such as nightclubs, shops or public transport. He said that from Thursday it will not be mandatory to wear masks in UK schools.

cooperation from the public

Johnson said that this step is being taken after a successful mass booster jab program in the country. Many countries across Europe have ended the winter lockdown. Our scientists believe that the Omicron wave is now at its national peak. We can come back to Plan A because of the way people cooperated in Plan B implemented for Kovid.

Boris is facing political crisis

Let us tell you that Boris Johnson is currently facing a political crisis regarding the ‘Partygate’ matter. He is under pressure from the British people as well as MPs regarding the liquor party organized at 10 Downing Street, the official residence of the Prime Minister. This party was organized in the garden of the Prime Minister’s residence when the entire country was under lockdown. About 100 people were present in this party. Although Boris Johnson has apologized in Parliament, he has refused to step down.


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