Mathura News: Like Kansa did in UP, CM Yogi attacked Akhilesh in Mathura

Mathura News: Like Kansa did in UP, CM Yogi attacked Akhilesh in Mathura
Nirmal Rajput, Mathura
Political agitation has intensified regarding the assembly elections to be held in UP next year. UP CM Yogi Adityanath targeted Congress and Samajwadi Party in a public meeting organized in the district on Wednesday. CM Yogi said that the definition of development was not a state but a family. Earlier, only 4 districts were made VIP, but after the formation of the BJP government in 2017, how fast the development plans progressed, today this thing is not hidden from anyone.

Before the public meeting in Mant, CM Yogi Adityanath inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of 196 development projects worth 201.16 crores for the five assembly constituencies of the district. On this occasion, the CM fiercely attacked Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav in gestures. CM Yogi said that we should not forget that during the time of the previous governments, the money which was spent on the boundary of the cemetery was wasted. In this government, the same money is being spent in the development of pilgrimages. The respect of Braj region is being increased. Without naming Akhilesh, CM Yogi said that after the formation of his government, the first riot took place in Kosikalan. Jawahar Bagh incident is a living example of what type of mafia was given protection under the protection of power.

SP had organized riots in Mathura’s Kosi

CM Yogi said that in the previous government, it seemed as if only Kansa was sitting in power at that time and doing the work of trampling the sentiments, but after 2017 no riots, no rebellion, Brajtirth areas are developing. Today the Braj region is moving forward as the center of attraction of the country and the world. CM said that development is a thought. Earlier, the doors of power inside the state were open for professional criminals and mafia. The gates of the prison are open for them today. CM Yogi said that earlier development used to be of one family, but under this government, 125 crore people of the state are getting development.

There was looting in the name of the boundary of the cemetery
The Chief Minister said that earlier in the name of development, ruckus schemes were made for their own selfish interests. Money was not given for rural development, not for the development of pilgrimages, not for festivals and festivals, but for looting in the name of the boundary of the cemetery.

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