Mayawati ‘counted’ the potholes of the roads, then the UP minister said – no more work in unemployment

मायावती ने 'गिनाए' सड़कों के गड्ढे, तो UP के मंत्री बोले- बेरोजगारी में कोई और काम नहीं

Lucknow: On behalf of the government, Cabinet Minister Suresh Khanna has given a befitting reply to BSP supremo Mayawati’s tweet regarding the condition of roads. In a statement issued on Wednesday, Khanna said that during the rainy season there are potholes on the bitumen roads. The government is aware of this. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has given instructions to make the roads pothole-free with full standards within the stipulated time.

‘The elephant will not be able to rise now’

Responding to Mayawati’s tweet, Khanna said, since Mayawati has no work now. She has been living in unemployment for a decade. His elephant has already sat in 2012. Now she kept getting up, so she is now counting the potholes of the roads to pass the day. The cabinet minister said, Mayawati had come to politics as the daughter of Dalits, she also came to power on this basis, but became the daughter of wealth. Khanna said, since when did those who spend money like water on monuments start worrying about the basic facilities of the people. It has become the same thing that if the soup is laughed, then the laughing sieve also laughs in which 72 holes. You are worrying unnecessarily. The BJP government is very concerned about the basic facilities of the people.

‘Mayawati shedding crocodile tears’

Suresh Khanna, a cabinet minister in the UP government, said, ‘The image that has been created by this worry and crocodile tears as the daughter of your (Mayawati) wealth has not changed. Now you missed getting a chance to smile again. For the rest of your satisfaction, you can attract public attention for a while with such statements. You have already come down from his mind and heart because of your corruption. It is to be known that on Wednesday, Mayawati made two tweets about the condition of roads in the state. He wrote, ‘Roads are related to the basic needs and development of the people and no matter how many slogans and claims the government may make about them, but the condition of the roads of UP has again become so bad that people are unable to understand. Whether there is a pothole in the road or a road in a pothole. Government should pay attention.

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