Mentha Oil Rate Mentha Oil Price: Mentha oil prices will increase soon in futures market, know – Today’s Mint Oil Price

Mentha Oil Rate Mentha Oil Price : वायदा बाजार में जल्द बढ़ेंगे मेंथा तेल के दाम, जानें- आज का Mint Oil Price

Commodity experts believe that soon there will be an increase in Mint Oil price, due to which it is increasing in the domestic and foreign market in the market.
Explains the increasing demand for mentha oil

Lucknow. Mentha Oil Rate Mentha Oil Price – After September 08, Mentha Oil Rate is falling every day in the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX). On Tuesday, 21-09-2021, Mentha Oil Price per kg fell to Rs 911.60. Mint Oil Price has fallen by more than Rs 70 per kg since September 08. Today, on Wednesday 22-09-2021, Mint Oil Rate is expected to be around Rs 920 per kg. However, commodity experts believe that the fall in mentha oil prices is only for a few days. Mentha oil rates may increase soon.

Mentha Oil Rate in September
September 21 Rs.911.60 per kg
September 20 Rs 920.20 per kg
September 18 Rs.944 per kg
September 17 – Rs 940 per kg
September 16 – Rs 961.90 per kg
September 15 – Rs 956 per kg
September 14 – Rs 961.30 per kg
September 13 – Rs 971.2 per kg
September 10 – Rs 970.40 per kg
09 September – Rs 970.40 per kg
September 08 – Rs 982 per kg
September 07 – Rs 970 per kg
September 06 – Rs 965 per kg
September 04 – Rs 959 per kg
September 03- Rs 958 per kg
September 02 – Rs 946.70 per kg
September 01 – Rs 932 per kg

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