MNS-BJP Alliance: Suspense on BJP-MNS alliance in Pune Municipal Election, Raj Thackeray adopted the role of wait and watch

MNS-BJP Alliance: Suspense on BJP-MNS alliance in Pune Municipal Election, Raj Thackeray adopted the role of wait and watch


  • Alliance between BJP and MNS in Maharashtra
  • Alliance for by-elections in Palghar district
  • Coalition possible for other elections in Maharashtra
  • Currently Raj Thackeray in the role of Wait and Watch

After the alliance between MNS and BJP in Palghar, a tribal district of Maharashtra, a new chapter in the politics of the state has started. Now there was talk of continuing this alliance in other upcoming elections as well. This alliance was expected to happen in the Pune Municipal Corporation elections as well. However, now Raj Thackeray himself has told his workers to put an end to this discussion. Presently, the MNS chief is taking the role of wait and watch on the matter.

He has also asked all his workers to concentrate on work. The workers of Pune have also expressed their intention to forge an alliance with the BJP in the upcoming municipal elections. Because of this, this issue seems to be going on hold for the time being. Raj Thackeray also visited Pune recently. There is also a possibility of change in the division composition in Pune for the upcoming elections. In such a situation, internal scrutiny has started inside MNS.

alliance will have no effect
Maharashtra Congress state president Nana Patole said during a conversation with Navbharat Times Online that the BJP-MNS alliance will not have any significant effect. The double character of BJP has been seen by the whole of Maharashtra and the country. Now BJP has started descending from the mind of the people. BJP is now afraid that it cannot win the election alone, so now it is trying to find a partner.

the meeting took place
A few days ago, Maharashtra BJP State President Chandrakant Patil met Maharashtra Navnirman Sena President Raj Thackeray at his home in Krishna Kunj. After the discussion over tea, Patil told the media that Raj Thackeray had invited him for tea. So he went to his house. Patil had also praised Raj Thackeray fiercely that day. In future, the foundation of the alliance of both the parties was laid on the same day. However, Patil had said that the MNS will have to change its attitude towards the provinces only then this alliance is possible.

Shivsena’s troubles will increase
Maharashtra Navnirman Sena and Shiv Sena both do politics of Marathi Manus and Bhumiputras in the state. Due to MNS, Shiv Sena has to face loss or defeat in many seats. At present, BJP is the party with the largest number of MLAs in Maharashtra. Yet he is out of power. Ever since the Shivsana-BJP alliance broke up, BJP wanted friendship with any political party. So that he can fill the shortfall of Shiv Sena. BJP has found that friend in the form of MNS.

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