Mobile for online classes! Two students from Balurghat ran away and got married

অনলাইনে ক্লাসের জন্য কেনা মোবাইলে চুটিয়ে প্রেম, তারপরে বিয়ে। প্রতীকী ছবি (Getty Images) (HT_PRINT)

Family members bought mobile phones for online classes. However, there have been classes. With him, the love has been in full swing. As a result, two students ran away from home and got married. Family members of two students of Chingispur Gram Panchayat in Balurghat were shocked at the incident. An eighth grader, 14 years old. The other is a class XII student. Age 18 years.

Meanwhile, in the Corona situation, the people of the house bought their phones to study online. They would not use that phone at all. And the two young men from Maldar talked to them through Facebook on that phone. Their conversation was going on through the phone. Occasionally the two friends would cross the road for a few hours and meet at Balurghat. On Wednesday morning, two girlfriends left the house in the name of going to the bank. There is no name to return. Later, family members may find out if they are married.

The family members complained to Balurghat police station that they could not find the girls. After that, the police found them by phone. Both were in Malda. They have been rescued so far. The family’s offshoot phone was gone yesterday. No one knew when the love would grow in the gap of the class.

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